Welcome to PRIMAL: Your Local Butcher. 

We’re named after the primal cuts of meat separated during butchering.


At PRIMAL, we only offer USDA PRIME and USDA CHOICE meats that are hormone and antibiotic FREE. Our meats are fresh, never frozen.

We want your PRIMAL experience to be pleasant, something you look forward to and remember. Almost half of our specialty products are local. So, in addition to our extremely tasty, healthy meats, we also carry a vast array of tasty treats that are sure to please your palate.We are truly a one-stop-shop providing all your meal needs.

We are grateful for our customers and pride ourselves on our customer service. We cut-to-order…and yes, that includes chicken. Want us to press your hamburger patties? No problem, and free of charge! Our hamburger is made in-house from large beef cuts, same with our ground pork. We promise you will not be disappointed.

From the moment you walk through our doors, the PRIMAL experience begins. You are greeted with enthusiasm because we are excited that you are shopping with us! We work hard behind the scenes to ensure the meat and products you purchase are fresh and of the highest quality. Our vendors are local and our staff is dedicated.

We appreciate that you can shop anywhere, but you choose to shop with us, so we want your experience to be just that, an experience.